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Glove Cressi Patriot - 3D Preformed Pattern

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5 mm gloves with 3D preformed pattern, made with Ultraspan © outer and inner lining and low compression neoprene.
100% ULTRASPAN lining both inside and outside. It provides great elasticity and comfort without reducing the density to the neoprene.

The Patriot 5mm Cressi Quick-Dry Gloves also designed as part of the Cressi system these gloves utilize the same construction techniques employed by all Cressi Wetsuits. Every seam on the gloves is first double glued and blind stitched inside and out. Then the outer seam is coated with a special waterproof Cressi liquid tape barrier which seals the seam from water entry and helps protect the stitching from damage and unraveling. The interior of the Cressi Gloves is lined with Henderson's new Quick-Dry interior.

This revolutionary hydrophobic lining will significantly accelerate the speed at which the Cressi boot will dry, allowing too dry in just a few minutes not hours. Imagine never needing to put on a cold, damp boot prior to your second dive or experiencing the disappointment of waking up in the morning only to find your accessories did not completely dry overnight. The quick-dry interior is super soft and adds a luxurious feel to the interior of the boot and makes donning and doffing the boot easier. Additionally, the quick-dry interior will limit water entry and water movement throughout the boot keeping you warmer longer.

A special gauntlet extension allows for a secure grip when pulling gloves over the mating skin wrist cuff. The Cressi glove exterior features Henderson's renowned Aquasilk laminate. Aquasilk provides a 250% stretch exterior for easy donning and doffing of gloves. The palm and fingers are also coated with a special thermally bonded silicone grip pattern to assure a secure grip in all conditions. Gloves are available in multiple sizes.

Glove Cressi Patriot Features

  • Patriot 5mm Cressi Glove:
  • 5mm Nylon-2 Neoprene Material
  • Stretch Wrist Seals
  • Heavy Duty Palm Grip
  • Seams: Double Glued and Blind Stitched Seams
  • Quick Dry Material
  • Enhanced 250% Stretch 5mm Neoprene Rubber
  • Special Gauntlet Extension: Secure Grip when Pulling Gloves Over Mating Skin Wrist Cuff
  • Palm & Fingers Coated w/Special Thermally Bonded Silicone Grip Pattern
  • Bonded Silicone: Assure Secure Grip In-All-Conditions
  • Available in Multiple Sizes



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