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Fin Cressi Gara Professional LD

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Cressi Gara Professional LD Fins

After the great success of the Gara Professional and the Gara 3000 LD Cressi has combined the two designs and characteristics into the Gara Professional LD. The blade is made from a special elastomer polypropylene which gives a longer lasting, more fluid, softer kick that is less demanding, making it ideal for covering long distances. The use of this new plastic is less reactive than the Compoflex used in the Gara Professional. It is a progressive and controlled blade, with flexibility and gives an extremely fluid kick. Together with the exceptional lightness and non-dispersion of effort, the kick is more effective and easier than ever. As with the other Gara fins (2000HP, 3000LD and Gara Professional) the Gara Professional LD fins are made using processes that meet high standards of precision and compliance with strict technical parameters.

Foot Pocket: as with the Gara Professional fins, the new foot pocket of the Gara ProfessionalLD has been designed to fit on the bottom of the actual fin blade. This feature, together with a well-designed blade-foot pocket combination, reduces the fining effort and the dispersion of energy during fining. The shape of the foot pocket has been redesigned and improved further compared to the highly regarded foot pocket of the other Cressi Gara fins. The use of a new, more flexible elastomer, makes the foot pocket more comfortable.

Who are they for? The new Gara Professional LD are for all those divers who wish to benefit from the extraordinary performance of a long fin, without, having to use too much muscle strength, the ideal effort-productivity ratio can offer even higher performance than when using the more rigid and reactive Gara Professional. Perfect for long kicks, cold water fining, and ideal for use with Scuba the GaraProfessional LD fins will deliver! Fin is available in multiple sizes.


The Gara Professional LD is a high performance fin and requires minimum effort to load the long blades and is an excellent choice for deep freediving and spearfishing, yet are more forgiving than other long blade fins for the untrained legs. It is ideal for long distance swimming or for beginners not previously used to using a long blade fin. It can provide the power and efficiency for any experience level while deep freediving and spearing.

  • High performance fin that requires minimum effort to load the long blades and is an excellent choice for deep free diving and spearfishing.
  • Blade made from a special elastomer polypropylene which gives a longer lasting, more fluid, softer less demanding kick.
  • Improved anatomy of the foot pocket made in particularly soft elastomer for increase the comfort.
  • Union between blade and foot pocket maximizes energy dispersion and reduced effort.
  • Composed of soft material and features a lightweight design.
  • Delivering the maximum power with minimum energy through its long firm blade that runs over the foot pocket.
  • The fins are designed and made in Italy by Cressi.

Long Fins vs. Short Fins

Long fins provide greater forward propulsion. They allow you to travel farther, while exerting less energy. In contrast, shorter fins make it easier to change directions and allow you to kick at a faster rate.

Maximum Power, Minimum Energy

With the foot pocket located below the blade, these fins are able to provide power with little effort. Along with the long length of the blade and its lightweight design, the positioning of the foot pocket eases the dispersion of energy throughout the fin, increasing the performance of the user.

Soft elastomer for comfort

The anatomy of the foot pocket has been redesigned and, if possible, further improved compared to the already much appreciated shoe pockets of the Cressi Gara. The use of a new, particularly soft elastomer further increases comfort. The Gara Professional LD is an exceptionally soft full foot pocket style fin, which provides comfort during prolonged use on those long days in the water.

Cressi Gara Professional LD Fins Features

  • Cressi Gara Professional LD Fins:
  • High Performance Fin Design
  • Blade Material: Special Elastomer Polypropylene
  • Longer Lasting, More Fluid, and Softer Kick
  • Less Demanding, Ideal for Covering Long Distances
  • New Plastic Less Reactive than Compoflex Used in Gara Professional
  • Progressive and Controlled Blade, with Flexibility
  • Extremely Fluid Kick
  • Exceptional Lightness and Non-Dispersion of Effort
  • Kick More Effective and Easier than Ever
  • Manufactured with High Standards of Precision and Compliance with Strict Technical Parameters
  • Foot Pocket: Fitted to Bottom of Blade
  • Foot Pocket Design: Reduces Fining Effort and Dispersion of Energy while Fining
  • Foot Pocket Material: Flexible Elastomer for Comfort
  • Reduced Muscle Strength, Ideal Effort-Productivity Ratio
  • Perfect for Long Kicks, Cold Water Fining, Ideal for Scuba
  • Available in Multiple Sizes

Cressi Gara Professional LD Fins Specifications

Materials Blade: Elastomer Polypropylene, Foot Pocket: Elastomer
Blade Type Non-Vented
Open Heel/Full Foot Full Foot

Cressi Gara Fins Size Chart
  5-6 7-8 8-9 10-11 12-13
US Men's Shoe Size 5-6 7-8 8-9 10-11 12-13
US Women's Shoe Size 6-7 8-9 11-13 11-13 13+
UK 4½-5½ 6½-7½ 7½-8½ 9½-10½ 11½-12½
Euro 38-39 40-41 42-43 44-45 46-47

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