Paket Snorkling Open Heel AmScuD Viper Deluxe - GONG XI KANG TAU 2019! -
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Paket Snorkling Open Heel AmScuD Viper Deluxe - GONG XI KANG TAU 2019!

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Rp.1,550,000 (Hemat Rp.1,319,500)
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The AmScuD Viper (OH) is the perfect combination of Comfort, Power and Efficiency in one Fin. All these go along with a compact and lightweight blade Length of 14.6" (37cm). This makes the Viper a perfect open heel fin for travelling.

The New Blade Design with Large Central Super Channel and 2-Traditional Lateral Channels provide Excellent Thrust while maintaining High Efficiency and Minimal Leg Fatigue. The Fin Blade is made of Thermoplastic Rubber and TECRALENE a Rugged and Durable Construction. The Blade with its 3-Channels Optimizes Water Flow.

Did we mention that this is a perfect fin for travelling scuba divers? We are sure that you will get a perfect travel fin without scracifing power, speed and comfort.

The wide range of sizes from S to XL size better accommodate all requirements, including those of women and younger divers.
The Double Button Release prevents the buckles from accidental undoing the fin. The same buckle also make them the most user friendly system on the market.

A foot pocket created with out 16 years of making and producing the best fin in the travelling market. Foot pocket will match any brand of booties snug and fit.

We do recommend this Viper for most divers both novice to professional market. The fin is a way too comfortable and lightweight for military, resort/rental market. However, for divers who want the best combination of size, power (along with value of course...), this is the best fin for the buck!

- Three-Channel "Super-Channel" Blade
 Open Heel Fin Design with anatomical foot pocket
- Rugged, Durable Construction
- Foot Pocket Adds Thrust with Less Fatigue
- Tecralene and Thermoplastic Rubber
- Perfect Combination of comfort, power and efficiency in a compact and lightweight package.
- Get the best bang for your buck!
- Large Central Super Channel and 2-Traditional Lateral Channels
- Excellent thrust while maintaining high efficiency and minimal leg fatigue
- 3-Channels optimizes water flow blade with 14.6" (37cm) in length.
- Comes with a great range of sizes and colors

Product Code Size Us EURO Color
99/2474 S 6  36-37  Yellow (YL)
99/2475 M  8  40-41  Blue (BL)
99/2476 L  10  43-44  Black (BK)
99/2477 XL  12  45-46  Black (BK)







AMSCUD Tang -- Our 1st Frameless Mask!

We learn the best frameless mask in the market and even improve our mask.

The AmScuD Tang Mask features a very low-volume, and Lightweight frame. The tang's frame *ascom* is coated by heat-treated silicone to create uncomprimised comfort and reliability.

Our silicone skirt has a double feathered edge for a Great Seal. Enjoy a full session of diving/snorkling without sacrificing comfort. Our already proven quick-release buckle sits on the silicone skirt rather than on the frame.

Our NEW nose ridges will allow you to grab the nose pocket easily. Get a nice feeling on where you need to touch even with thick gloves.

The Tang also uses ZOIS lens to create 100% clarity even after years of usage.
It's single lens design creates even 20% wider view than any double-lens mask.

- Tang Mask are suitable for small to medium adult face.
- Easy to adjust low profile buckles.
- Black Silicone Rubber Skirt
- Double Feathered Edge Skirt
- Wide Split Mask Strap Design
- Feathered Edge Skirt and Wide Strap for Superior Seal on Face
- Single Tempered Safety Glass Lens proving you up to 20% wider view compared to double lens masks.
- One Handed Easy-to-Reach Nose Pocket for Ear Equalization with ridges.
- Molded Silicone Color Accents for Color Coordinate with Your Gear
- Low Internal Volume, Easy to Clear


Double Feathered Silicone
Heat-Treated silicone for super comfortable
usage during your diving/snorkling session.
Use the mask in long haul with no comfort issue whatsoever.


Easy-to-Reach Nose Pocket for Ear Equalization


Very Low Volumeand Light Weight Frame,
with an Extra Wide Field of Vision


Perfect for Backpacker. Bring your 
mask in Pocket!!

Fold it! Make it as your backup mask. It's even small enough
to fit your pant pocket.























3mm neoprene dengan reinforced sole

The Aeris Dry Snorkel from AmScuD uses the Latest Dry Snorkel Technologies providing both divers and snorklers with an Easy-Breathing and Hyper Dry-Experience.

When you make your Surface Dive when snorkeling and are underwater, a Small Valve Closes and keeps the Water-Out. When you return to the surface, you can count on the fact your mouth will fill with air and not water.

The Corrugated Flex Tube and Removable, Replaceable Mouthpiece is made from 100% Hypoallergenic Anti-Bacterial Silicone for Comfort and Fit. 
This tube design lets the Mouthpiece Swing-Away from your mouth when being released. This alone makes it great for Scuba diving.

We also attach a survival whistle for any situation where attraction is need.

If Water does enter the Breathing Tube, it will go directly into the Deep Reservoir below-the-mouthpiece with One-Way Purge Valve. Water will directly exit the snorkel at the very minimum effort. The Aeris Hyper-Dry Snorkel from AmScuD comes with a New Quick-Disconnect (QD) snorkel keeper.
You can detach your Mask Quickly from the Aeris Snorkel.


Small Valve Closes and keeps 
the Water-Out 99%

We call this a 'hyper-dry' system


Valve protector to avoid foreign object
entering snorkel.

The survival-whistle whistle is a little add-on
we give you to find the necesssary
attraction when needed.


New Quick-Disconnect (QD) 
Snorkel Keeper


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