AmScuD Fin Grip Rubber - (2 PCS) RECOMMENDED! 9924140 -
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AmScuD Fin Grip Rubber - (2 PCS) RECOMMENDED! 9924140

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Rp.60,000 (Hemat Rp.20,000)
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A clever accessory; the Fins Grip from AMSCUD saves you from losing your fins in diving, snorkeling, underwater hunting or apnea.To be worn around the ankle and heel over diving boots or socks, the rubber fin grip increases friction between boot and fin's foot pocket to stop slippage 

Fin grippers are essential to help keep your full foot fins in place. These amscud fin grippers come in two sizes small, medium and large, and are a necessity if you find that during your dive your fins get loose or fall off. Fin Grippers are a handy way to keep fins secure and in place in multiple situations. If you need to enter water in heavy surf conditions the fin keeper helps keep fins firmly in place. The Fin Keepers allow you to wear fins that may be slightly loose on your feet. They also keep fins in place when you need that extra burst of speed when on the hunt for trophy fish. The Fin Grippers are a Y" shaped strap that you place one arms of the Y across the bridge of the fin foot pocket, one arm under the foot pocket and the third across the back of the foot pocket heel. This device will keep fins secure in most all conditions.


AMSCUD Fin Grippers Set 992413/14/15 Features

  • AMSCUD Fin Grippers Set
  • Handy Way to Keep Fins Secure-and-In-Place
  • Useful in Multiple Situations and Conditions
  • Heavy Surf Entry: Fins Stay Firmly in Place
  • Wear Fins that are Slightly Loose On Feet
  • Great for Strong Fining Techniques
  • 3-Arm "Y" Shaped Strap Design
  • Attachment to Fin:  
    One Arm Over Foot Pocket Bridge 
    One Arm Under Fin Foot Pocket 
    One Arm Over Heel of Foot Pocket
  • Keeps Fins Secure in Most All Conditions

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