Cressi Anti-Slip 2.5mm Socks BLACK M/3 - LX433003 -
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Cressi Anti-Slip 2.5mm Socks BLACK M/3 - LX433003

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Rp.260,000 (Hemat Rp.172,000)
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Anti-Slip Boots/Socks

Boot ini dapat digunakan untuk:
1. Fin full foot yang terlalu besar ukuran-nya...kaki oplak. Gunakan anti slip boot agar fin tetap ketat di kaki.
2. Apabila anda pengguna lon fin, tumit kaki sering lecet. Gunakan anti slip boot ini agar kaki tetap hangat dan terlindungi. Oh ya, jangan lupa fin makin grip (gigit) ketika gunakan anti slip boot ini.
3. Atau..apabila anda tipe yang senang gunakan full foot tapi mau perlindungan kaki ketika lepas fin. Contoh: Anda senang berjalan di pantai yang agak kasar sehabis snorkling/free diving, maka anti slip boot ini cocok.

These are single-lined, thin, 2.5mm high stretch neoprene Socks. The inside is lined in Metallite which makes them easy to slip on. The sole has an effective non-slip texture giving great grip on wet surfaces.

They can be used with both full foot fins for greater warmth and to protect the skin from scratches and chafing, as well as with hard-soled boots, when using open-heel fins.
When used in conjunction with hard-sole boots, warmth is considerably increased and if donned before your wet suit it is also easier to put on your suit.
Non Slip 2.5mm Socks have glued and stitched seams.

Cressi Anti Slip 2.5mm Socks Features

  • 2.5mm Neoprene Soft Sole Socks
  • Metallite Lined for Easy Donning
  • Effective Non-Slip Sole
  • Great for Full Foot Fins
  • Wear as Under-Boot with Hard Sole Boots for Added Warmth
  • Allows Wet Suit to Slip-On Easier

The Cressi Anti Slip 2.5mm Socks is commonly used for Professional, Recreation, Warm Water and more.
The Cressi Anti Slip 2.5mm Socks is most used by customers who consider themselves to be a Beginner, Casual/ Recreational among others.
The Cressi Anti Slip 2.5mm Socks is popular because customers like the following qualities of the Cressi Anti Slip 2.5mm Socks: Durable, Good Fit, Prevents Water Movement, Warm.