Booties AmScud Challenge 6 (37/38) - 996912 -
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Booties AmScud Challenge 6 (37/38) - 996912

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Rp.524,625 (Hemat Rp.174,875)
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Advanced Design Booties for Everyone who love underwater activities

* 5mm double glued and blind stitch neoprene construction for better durability

* Non corrosive YKK zipper ensures the zipper will stay closed securely during underwater or upwater

* Flexible rubber toe and heel caps guard against abrasion and also provide extra protection 


The AMSCUD 5 mm Challenge Dive Boots feature super traction hard injected molded soles and an upper rubber protection layer designed to flex and mold with the shape of your foot. The toe and heel guard provide for extra support and comfort. The AMSCUD 5 mm Challenge Dive Boots is made from nylon/jersey neoprene for strength, comfort and the jersey interior add warmth. A beefy large tooth YKK-zipper closure with neoprene backing allows easy entry and a great fit. Boot is black in color and available in multiple sizes.


The AMSCUD 5 mm Challenge Dive Boots, Black Features

  • AMSCUD 5 mm Challenge Dive Boots
  • Material: 5 mm Neoprene / Nylon Jersey
  • Jersey Interior Adds Warmth
  • Super Traction Hard Injected Molded Soles
  • Upper Rubber Protection Layer to Flex and Mold with Shape of Foot
  • Toe and Heel Guard for Extra Support and Comfort
  • Beefy Large Tooth YKK-Zipper Closure with Neoprene Backing
  • Easy Entry and Great Fit
  • Color: Black
  • Available in Multiple Sizes

Booties Challenge sangat cocok untuk penggunaan dengan fin open heel. Perlindungan pada bagian bawah kaki (sol) hingga ke punggung kaki menjamin kaki anda tidak merasa letih karena profil keras dari fin open heel. Booties ini cocok untuk digunakan pada fin open heel merek apapun juga.
Bagian lunak pada kiri kanan booties menjamin kaki anda tidak tertekan apabila menggunakan ukuran lebih kecil (contoh: kaki agak pendek gunakan ukuran S, namun lebar kaki ukuran M).

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