Buddy Watcher - Vibrate Your Buddy & Gain Immidiate Attention up to 80m! Rechargable Li-Ion 900mAH Battery Lasts up to 6 dives per Charge - AlatSelam.com
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Buddy Watcher - Vibrate Your Buddy & Gain Immidiate Attention up to 80m! Rechargable Li-Ion 900mAH Battery Lasts up to 6 dives per Charge

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Rp.3,490,000 (Hemat Rp.730,000)

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Pernah ngerasain report-nya manggil teman2 di dalam air? Perlu teman anda menoleh ketika anda mau menunjukkan sesuatu?
Buddy-Watcher dapat mengatasi-nya:
1. Panggil buddy anda dengan getarkan alat ini di tangan-nya.
2. Anda Divemaster atau Instruktur? Gunakan alat ini untuk tarik perhatian client/partner anda.
3. Dapat digunakan untuk lebih dari 3 unit MASTER-CLIENT pairing.
4. Dapat bekerja hingga jauh 80m dan kedalaman 60m
5. Rechargable Li-Ion Battery 900mAH yang dapat digunakan hingga 6x penyelaman.

You need the attention of your diving buddy? The call button causes a vibration on your buddy’s wrist and his attention is all yours. The easiest way of communicating underwater.

Min 6 Dives
Li-Ion Polimer 3,7 V with 900 mAh
Transmission frequency: 60-70 kHz

The first system, that calls your buddy with a vibration!
* Easy up your communication with a push of a button!
* It has never been that easy and comfortably to alert your diving partner! We developed this product with an eye for design and placed emphasis on intuitive operation.
* Silence – Feel the call, where sounds are not necessary
* The Buddy-Watcher is equipped with a special vibrating alarm. This makes silent communication between you and your diving partner possible.
* Buddy To Buddy - personalized and individual
* Calling your diving partner is easy – but to call him without alerting others is difficult. The Buddy-Watcher communicates only with your buddy and with nobody else.
* Relaxing & comfortabel

Know that you can call your diving buddy at any time makes your dive more relaxed. To have a wireless link between the two of you makes it more comfortable.


  • Calls your diving partner from a distance of up to 80 m.
  • Calls the Master-Buddy-Watcher from a distance of up to 80m.
  • Vibrating alarm for diving suits of up to 10mm
  • Personalized calling signal (Buddy to Buddy)
  • Flexible closure around the arm with our QuickFix bracelet
  • Break-resistant high grade plastic
  • Waterproof up to a depth of 60 m

Scope of delivery:
1. 2 x Buddy-Watcher
2. 2 x bracelets (max. 30 cm arm circumference)
3. 2 x charger clips
4. 1 x USB Y charging cable
5. 1 x short Manual

Important: to avoid unnecessary environmental stress, we do not include an USB-charger with this product. If you do require an USB-charger, you can find it in our shop.

The water is clear, the view seemingly endless.  Suddenly a silhouette approaches out of the distance.  What starts off as only a dark outline quickly turns out to be a school of barracuda. Your buddy, however, does not notice them.
The perfect time to use your BUDDY-WATCHER®!
You push the call button and in the blink of an eye your buddy’s device vibrates.  He looks at you and sees you pointing at the barracuda...
This is but one of many possible situations in which the BUDDY-WATCHER® can be used for easy and fast communication between dive buddies.