SeaGlove® CANON 550D Underwater Housing 40M *18-55mm Lens* With SURE-LOCK™ + WET-ALERT™ - MARET GILA 2018! -
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SeaGlove® CANON 550D Underwater Housing 40M *18-55mm Lens* With SURE-LOCK™ + WET-ALERT™ - MARET GILA 2018!

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Camera Functions
Full access to all camera’s functions via mechanically controlled buttons.

Enhanced Viewing
The enlarged optical viewfinder provides enhanced viewing, even while you are wearing a diving mask.

Standard Nikonos Bulkhead
Standard Nikonos bulkhead allows you to connect strobes such as the Sea & Sea YS-110 or the YS-01 (check our listings for these strobes)
TTL Strobe Exposure Control
When the strobe is connected to the waterproof case for Canon 550D’s bulkhead, you get an automatic TTL exposure control

Ports and Lens
Our case offers a large selection of ports, extension rings and zoom gears that allows you to use many other Canon lenses.

Waterproof case for Canon 550D

Material: Polycarbonate
Depth Rating: 130 feet / 40 meter
Dimensions (WxHxD): 8.9 x 6.7 x 8.9 inch (160 x 125 x 125 mm)
Weight (without handles):  0.999 kg

Waterproof case for Canon 550D Overview
Our DSLR cases for Canon 550D are designed to satisfy the needs of professional Diver Photographers by providing great performance and a compact design with the extraordinary strength and solidity required for underwater activities. The case is sized and weighted with near-neutral buoyancy and superb underwater handling. It also includes an enlarged optical viewfinder providing the brightest and biggest possible image viewing.

The case has a clear sharp-looking design, allowing for a visual inspection of the O-ring seal surfaces and controlled monitoring on the Camera.

Locking system consists of 2 secure stainless steel hooks on the case, neutralizing any possibility of accidental opening while underwater. Camera installation is quick and simple. Left and Right handles assure a stable maneuver on the case; its ergonomic design allows you to keep your hands on the handles while giving access to all camera commands.

The external strobe is strongly recommended to obtain professional grade shooting with the convenience of automatic TTL exposure control. The case comes with standard Mikonos bulkhead, allowing the use of other strobes in manual mode.

Karena housing kamera adalah sebuah alat yang sangat sensitif terhadap kotoran atau debu, berikut term pembelian housing di AlatSelam.Com:
- Semua housing TIDAK ada garansi kebocoran.
- Semua housing telah melewati QC anti kebocoran di pabrik (40 meter selama 10 menit). Kami menyediakan jasa test chamber namun hanya untuk casing kamera kecil yang masuk ke chamber kami
- Tidak ada garansi atau kewajiban menggantikan kamera apabila terjadi kebocoran.
- TIPS: Jangan buka/tutup casing ketika tangan anda basah apalagi di daerah pasir. Keluarkan/masukkan kamera ke dalam case hanya dalam keadaan kering dan bersih. Sehelai rambut/sebutir pasir bisa mengakibatkan kebocoran casing dan kerusakan kamera.

- TIPS: Lubrikasi o-ring gunakan silicone grease ketika casing tidak digunakan dalam waktu yang lama.
- TIPS: Selalu ganti o-ring utama apabila casing tidak digunakan dalam waktu yang lama.



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