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Eagletac D25A2 CLICKY

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Baca review by selfbuilt

EagleTac D25A2 Clicky is powered by 2 - AA batteries with an output of 397 LED lumen. The D25 Clicky flashlights are one of the smallest flashlight systems manufactured. Compact design, easy-to-use UI (user interface), and market leading output/brightness makes the EagleTac D25 Clicky the most versatile flashlight for everyday carry (EDC)

The D25 is packed with mega features that no one else has done yet with lights in this size class (to name a few: stainless steel clip, stainless steel bezel, all-copper spring, customized rigid holster with self-retention device & flip, water tight lens with AR & Sapphire coatings, partial copper heat sink for C2 and LC2, deep reflector in VLOP finish (Very Light Orange Peel), hidden strobe, etc.

Two groups (1 & 2) output, selected by twisting head/bezel
Three levels brightness and seven hidden modes (strobe, beacon, SOS, flash, etc) at group 1 (head loosen)
Turbo output and tactical strobe output at group 2 (head tighten)
Stainless steel bezel coated wit durable titanium in dark grey
Syntax ultra-clear glass lens w/ harden and both-side AR coating
Type III finish / aerospace grade aluminum
Stainless steel pocket clip in highly polished finish (A and C)
Light orange peel (LOP) reflector for maximum output and a smooth beam
Gold and silver plated contacts (made with brass and copper)
Superior knurling for improved grip
Heavy Duty Holster with self retention device
Mil-Spec Paracord Lanyard w/ quick attachment clip

Included Items

  • D25A2 Clicky XM-L LED Flashlight
  • Heavy Duty Holster with snap and self retention device
  • Mil-Spec Paracord Lanyard w/ quick attachment clip

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