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Eagletac M30LC2 - 1260lm

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New Age

M30(LC2) series

A big leap forward from its predecessor M25C2. The new M30LC2 features user upgradeable LED module design, better heatsink, more rigid built, higher output, better interface, and better looking.

Replaceable LED module

Regular - M30LC2

The regular version is designed to offer maximum beam distance and outstanding lumen output efficiency. The LED module of M30LC2 and M30LC2C are interchangeable using the same head and flashlight body.

Compact - M30LC2C

The compact version offers triple LED design for shorter overall length. The specialty triple green color XP-E2 LED offers outstanding lumen and great beam distance designed for hunting and outdoor sport like no others. We also offer standard triple XP-G2 S2 C.W. LED with 1200 LED lumen.

C3300 Extreme3

Low dropout & highly efficient circuit

To enhance the current regulated runtime with single li-ion battery, we used the latest IC and high-end passive components to minimize the internal resistance and the dropout voltage of the circuitry.

Wide voltage input

M30LC2 allows input voltage from 2.7V all the way to 12V for wide range of battery selection with optional body extension tube for extended runtime.

Deep reflector design

562 yards beam distance

We use special and custom made machinery tooling to make the deepest reflector possible. Deeper reflector means more reflective surface for converting more spill output into the spot beam.

Ultra high performance

1260 LED Lumen

Powered by the top binned CREE XM-L2 U3 Cool White. The M30LC2 gives you the maximum brightness output in its class. Neutral white output color is also available with CREE XM-L2 N.W. T6 LED.

200 hours runtime

Get maximum continuous runtime with the lowest output of 9lm, which is enough to last through weeks. Get 1.8 hours of runtime at the maximum output level. The intermediate 557/106lm level offers 3.5/22 hours of runtime.

Safety protection

Twisty head & forward clicky switch


One press for MAX or MIN output

With head tighten/loosen, turning on the flashlight will always get you the maximum/minimum output power.

Four pre-defined output

Turn the head to access three common output levels. You can pre-select your desired output before turning on the light. A quick twist will get you the lowest level (4th level). This makes it especially useful when you are in a dark environment and need to preserve your adapted night vision or need maximum runtime.

Battery reverse polarity protection

We incorporate a physical structure to protect against reverse battery polarity.

Battery stabilizer

We incorporate a spring loading mechanism in the flashlight body to prevent the batteries from rattling inside the flashlight body. This ensure proper battery contact for all output levels, regardless of head tighten or loosen.