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Eagletac MX25L4 Turbo

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Rp.4,050,000 (Hemat Rp.1,350,000)
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Maximum lumen output

LED lumen

SST-90 P: 28501-2530/1071/210/19  

ANSI lumen2

SST-90 P: 22101-1935/820/161/16 

Turbo boost technology

1) Turbo boost technology is activated every time you turn on at turbo output setting. It offers 20% more power to the LED for the first 200 seconds at turbo mode.

2) ANSI FL-1 lumen is the total overall light output being emitted from the flashlight. This measurement is generally more accurate as it takes into consideration the loss from reflector/lens/bezel. EAGTAC ANSI FL-1 Lumen output is measured using a calibrated integrated sphere one minute after turning on the flashlight.

SST-90 P-bin LED

Crazy 2120 ANSI lumen, excellent far projecting performance, excellent beam profile, great for close-up use with lowered brightness. (Cool white LED beam profile shown above) Neutral white LED shares the same beam profile as its cool white version.

Reliability that you can count on

We design this circuit to survive the toughest torture environment including: 1) repeatedly over-night burn-in test w/ minimal cooling, 2) over input voltage test of up to 13V, 3) over-driven output current test of up to 10A, and 4) high temperature duration test.

Our experienced electronic engineers ensure all components are working at its maximum efficiency and highest stability with the optimally planned and implemented circuit pcb layout. All chosen electrical components in this circuit design have good amount of headroom to ensure high stability in long term usage.

Inside the C9500 SEL

This circuit uses the highest efficiency current mode controller from Linear technology. Linear techology is known as making world-leading high-end integrated circuit, and this controller that we're using belongs to their exotic class, in terms of crazy performance and high cost. This highly efficient synchronous buck current regulated circuit controls the precious amount of current that goes through the LED at all output levels. This results in constant brightness output regardless of LED variation, battery voltage, and temperature change. The Low EMI management and quick soft-start design provide clean electricity for the circuit and LED to enhance their service life.

Our synchronous buck converter is more technologically advanced and compact than regular buck converter. It also allows more board space for our exceptionally low DCR mosfets, rugged & shielded power inductor, and low ESR tantalum capacitors. This together leads to very high efficiency and lower required input voltage to current regulate.

The microprocessor is programmed to provide handy and easy-to-use interface for the users. When the flashlight is turned off, it shuts off all unnecessary components and waits to respond to user command at very low standby current (uA).

Excellent runtime & efficiency

MX25L4T runs for 200+ hours on its lowest brightness level. The current regulated circuit design allows constant output throughout its runtime for all output levels without LED flicking.

At its highest brightness output, MX25L4T current regulates for 1.5 hours with four EAGTAC 3400mAh 18650 li-ion.

Not only we care about the LED runtime, we also care about the runtime when the LED is turned off. The standby power consumption is only measured in merely uA level, which translates to years of standby time period, just like your TV remote control.

Clicky on/off side switch & Twisty head

Easy on/off operation

Turn on the light by press and release the on/off button switch (<0.4s). To turn off the light, press and release the switch again.

Momentary on/off

Press and hold the button switch for immediate output. Release the switch to turn off the light.

Output adjustable

Twist the head to select between four output brightness levels. You can pre-select the desired output level before turning on the flashlight.

Instant 100% output

At any output level, press and hold the flashlight for 100% output. Release the button to return to previous level.

Instant strobe output

At any output level, double press and hold the on/off button switch for strobe output. Release the button to return to previous level. This also work when the flashlight is off.

Access hidden auxiliary modes

With the head at tight position (1st level), loosen to 3rd (or 4th level) and tighten the head within one second to enter AUX. setting. Repeat to cycle through all settings. Turn off the light or loosen the head to quit.

Programmable settings

To switch between tactical mode (default) and regular mode, turn on the flashlight at 1st level, dial to 2nd level and then back to 1st level for ten times within five seconds.

Energy saving technology

This feature reduces output current by 20% after 200 seconds at turbo mode to prolong runtime.