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Fenix LD09 2015 Edition - With Cree XP-E2 R3 LED - 220 Lumens - Uses 1 x AA/14500 Battery

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Fenix LD09 2015 Edition

Refurbished for the Current Year With Exciting New Features

The well-regarded Fenix LD09 has been refurbished for the current year and is loaded with exciting new features. One of these features is that it contains an intelligent drive circuit that will instantly know the battery type that you've inserted and it will select the best possible active setting, so your LD09 can continue to operate smoothly and powerfully. The lumen outputs on the LD09 are: 220 lumens (14500) on high; 130 lumens (Ni-MH/AA alkaline) on high; 50 lumens on mid; and 3 lumens on low. There is also an SOS mode available on the LD09 that will help you to signal others in emergency situations, for instance. This SOS level is 50 lumens in output. The run times for this particular Fenix light are: 1h 45 min. on high for Ni-MH; 50 min. on high for AA alkaline; and 1h for the 14500. The mid-range run times are: 8h 5 min. for Ni-MH; 5h for AA alkaline; and 5h 35 min. for the 14500. For the low setting, the run times are: 70h for Ni-MH; 43h for AA alkaline; and 58h for the 14500.

Has A Very Elegant Look

The LD09 has a very elegant look, with its black shell and its knurled surface that gives the user a firm grip. A few more excellent anatomical highlights of this flashlight are the following: the casing is composed of super-strong Type III hard-anodized aluminum that has an anti-abrasive finish; another is the power switch, which is located on the tailcap, and is very responsive and is easy to push. To shift through the modes, just hit the power switch quickly twice. To turn on the light, push the switch firmly once, and to turn the unit off, simply push it firmly twice. The flashlight is waterproof since it has an IPX-8 rating, which means that it is able to be immersed in up to 2m of water. The LD09 is impact resistant up to 1m. The LD09 is versatile in terms of batteries, because it uses three different types: AA alkaline primaries (one of which is included), a Ni-MH primary, and a 14500 rechargeable lithium-ion (li-ion) battery. This Fenix light has a Candela rate of 3600cd, and a beam/throw distance of 120m, with a beam/throw angle of 70°.

Will Come through For You When You Need It

The Fenix LD09 incorporates a top-of-the-line CREE XP-E2 (R3) LED bulb into its design, and it has reverse polarity protection, which prevents damage to both the battery and to the flashlight when you put your batteries in. The lens is crafted from strikingly clear mineral glass that has been strengthened and possesses an anti-reflective coating. The anti-roll body design of this flashlight will come through for you when you need it--whether placing it on a tabletop or on a workbench or in your car--it won't budge. The LD09 has a flat tailcap, so it will be able to stand upright for your convenience. There is over-heating protection technology within the LD09 that stops the flashlight's exterior from getting too hot. The digitally regulated output feature ensures that the LD09 will keep running with a luminous and solid beam pattern. This flashlight comes with the standard Fenix five-year warranty. The Fenix LD09 includes one LD09 flashlight; a lanyard; a holster; a pocket clip; one spare O-ring; one AA alkaline battery; a user manual; and a warranty card.

  • Lumen outputs:
    • High (14500): 220 lumens
    • High (Ni-MH/AA alkaline): 130 lumens
    • Mid (all battery types): 50 lumens
    • Low (all battery types): 3 lumens
    • SOS mode: 50 lumens
  • Run times:
    • High (Ni-MH): 1h 45 min.
    • High (AA alkaline): 50 min.
    • High (14500): 1h
    • Mid (Ni-MH): 8h 5 min.
    • Mid (AA alkaline): 5h
    • Mid (14500): 5h 35 min.
    • Low (Ni-MH): 70h
    • Low (AA alkaline): 43h
    • Low (14500): 58h
  • Incorporates top-of-the-line CREE XP-E2 (R3) LED into flashlight design
  • Has emergency SOS mode
  • Uses three different battery types: Ni-MH primary, AA alkaline primary, or rechargeable 14500 lithium-ion (li-ion) battery
  • Contains intelligent drive circuit that instantly knows battery type you've inserted; will select best possible active setting
  • Lens crafted from strikingly clear mineral glass, has been strengthened, possesses anti-reflective coating
  • Has anti-roll body design
  • Has flat tailcap to stand upright
  • Over-heating protection stops flashlight's exterior from getting too hot
  • Composed of super-strong aircraft-grade Type III hard-anodized aluminum, has anti-abrasive finish
  • Knurled surface gives user firm grip
  • Digitally regulated output feature ensures LD09 will keep running with luminous and solid beam pattern
  • Has peak beam intensity/Candela rate of 3600cd and a beam/throw distance of 120m, with a beam/throw angle of 70°
  • IPX water resistance rating is 8
  • Impact resistance rate is 1m
  • Power switch located on the tailcap is very responsive and easy to push
  • Reverse polarity protection prevents damage to both battery and flashlight when putting in batteries
  • Comes with one LD09 flashlight; a lanyard; a holster; a pocket clip; one spare O-ring; one AA alkaline battery; a user manual; and a warranty card
  • Warranty is standard Fenix five-year warranty
  • Battery source: 1 x Ni-MH primary, 1 x AA alkaline primary, or 1 x rechargeable 14500 lithium-ion (li-ion) battery
  • Light source: CREE XP-E2 (R3) LED bulb
  • Peak beam intensity/Candela rate: 3600cd
  • Beam/throw distance: 120m
  • Beam/throw angle: 70°
  • IPX-rating: 8
  • Impact resistance: 1m
  • Body material: Type III hard-anodized aluminum
  • Warranty: Fenix five-year warranty
  • Dimensions:
    • Length: 3.7 in.
    • Head/bezel diameter: 0.7 in.
    • Weight: 1.2 oz

Lumens: 220 220 50 3 -
Runtime (Hours): - 1.75 8.08 70 -
Output Modes: 3+ Brightness Levels, SOS
Compatible Batteries: 1 x 14500, 1 x AA
Batteries Included: Yes
Included Accessories: Batteries, Holster, Lanyard, Pocket Clip, Spare O-ring(s)
Flashlight Usage: Every Day Carry
Throw Distance (Max): 120m
Switch Location: Tailcap
Product Certifications: ANSI, IPX-8
Brand: Fenix
Warranty:  30-Day Warranty
Primary Material: Anodized Aluminum
Product Weight: 1.2oz
Product Dimensions: 3.7" (L) x 0.7" (Head Diameter)
UPC: 6942870303390
MPN: LD092015
Country of Origin: CN

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