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Fenix LR40R High-Performance LED Searchlight - CREE LED - 12000 Lumens - Includes 12000 mAh Li-ion Battery Pack

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Fenix LR40R High-Performance LED Searchlight

Extreme Hand-held Power

The Fenix LR40R Searchlight is a compact, high-performance search and floodlight combined into one. This palm-sized torch can put out an astonishing 12,000 lumen beam that can shine up to 773 meters away! With such tremendous outputs and combined functions, it can be used for search and rescue, long distance spotting, cave exploring, or even as emergency lighting for drivers. The floodlight outputs provide a broad and even beam for close to mid range lighting needs, while the spotlight has a beam that can reach far into the night at long distances, independently toggled by the simple two button interface. The spot and floodlight can also be used simultaneously should you need a combination beam. The LR40R is powered by a rechargeable, 12000mAh capacity Li-ion battery pack that can last up to 92 hours. That is four days of use without a recharge! Should your battery pack use the last of its power, you can also use any number of one to four 18650 batteries in case of emergency. See the downloadable user manual for specific battery recommendations.

Quality Construction

The LR40R is a hand-held spotlight, but has the user friendly design of an EDC. The housing is made from high-strength and oxidation resistant aluminum to withstand the punishment of extreme and rugged use. It has dual stainless steel side switches that provide easy access to both spot and floodlight functions and modes. The Lockout mode provides you with extra safety while carrying to prevent accidental activation and preserving your battery power. Easily rechargeable with the protected Type-C USB port and included charging cable. The Type-C USB fast charging system only takes 3.3 hours to get a complete charge. Battery indicator lights let you know exactly how much power you have left without taking the battery pack out, saving you time and hassle. Using the same USB port for charging the light itself, you can also charge your essential electronics from this flashlight with the discharging functionality! When discharging, you can still use this light in Eco and Low levels on Spotlight mode. What a life-saver!


  • 12,000 max lumen output
  • 773 meter max throw distance
  • 92 hour max run time
  • High quality CREE LEDs with estimated lifetime of 50,000 hours
  • Searchlight and floodlight all in one
  • 4 output levels for spotlight
  • 5 output levels for floodlight
  • Ultra compact for its power and outputs
  • Runs on a high capacity rechargeable Li-ion battery pack
  • USB Type-C fast charging, USB discharging doubles as power bank
  • Dual stainless steel side switches for easy operation
  • Battery level indicator lights for easy power monitoring
  • Lockout functionality for safe carrying
  • Digitally regulated output allows for constant brightness
  • Impact resistant for rugged and daily use
  • IP68 rated so it can be used in any weather


  • 1 x LR40R Searchlight
  • 1 x ARB-L37-12000 Rechargeable Li-ion Battery Pack
  • 1 x Holster
  • 1 x USB Type-C Charging Cable
  • 1 x Lanyard
  • 1 x Spare O-Ring
  • Warranty Card
  • User Manual

Technical Specifications:

  • Power Source: Rechargeable 12000mAh Battery Pack (4 x 18650 rechargeable Li-ion for emergency)
  • Battery Level Indicator: Yes (only works with included battery pack)
  • Body Material: High-strength Oxidation Resistant Aluminum
  • Lens: Toughened Ultra Clear Glass Lens with Anti-reflective Coating
  • Peak Beam Distance: 640 meters (2099.74 ft.)
  • Peak Beam Intensity: 101,960cd
  • IPX Rating: IP68 (submersible in 2 meters of water)
  • Impact Resistance: 1 meter (3.28 ft.)

On/Off Operation Instructions:

  • With the light switched off, press and hold the Floodlight switch for 0.5 seconds to enter Floodlight mode on previously used output.
  • With the light switched off, press and hold the Spotlight switch for 0.5 seconds to enter Spotlight mode on previously used output.
  • On Floodlight mode, press and hold the Floodlight switch for 0.5 seconds to turn off Floodlight mode.
  • On Spotlight mode, press and hold the Spotlight switch for 0.5 seconds to turn off Spotlight mode.
  • With the light switched on, press and hold the Spotlight switch for 1.2 seconds to simultaneously turn off both modes.

Lockout Function Instructions:

  • Lock- With the the light switched off and unlocked, simultaneously press the two switches for 3 seconds, the light will blink 2 times on Eco Spotlight mode to indicate locked status.
  • In locked status, clicking or pressing the switches will activate 2 one-second blinks to indicate locked status.
  • Unlock- With the light locked, simultaneously press the two switches for 3 seconds, the light will be activated on ECO Spotlight mode.

Power Bank Function Instructions:

  • With the light switched off, single click any of the two switches to start discharging, discharging will be stopped in 8 seconds if no load identified.
  • The discharging will auto start with the light switched on.
  • According to the fast charging protocol, QC, PE or 5V discharging will be selected, if load fast charging protocol will be auto detected.
  • If load is identified, the indicators will recede from right to left to display the status.
  • Note: When discharging, only Eco and Low output level on Spotlight mode can be used.

Spotlight Brightness Outputs/Run Times/Throw Distances:

  • High: 1000 lumens (101,960cd) - 7 hours - 640 meters
  • Medium: 350 lumens (40,105cd) - 22 hrs 30 min - 401 meters
  • Low: 150 lumens (17,239cd) - 44 hrs 31 min - 263 meters
  • Eco: 50 lumens (6,608cd) - 92 hrs 18 min - 163 meters

Floodlight Brightness Outputs/Run Times/Throw Distances:

  • Turbo: 11,000 lumens (41,867cd) - 45 min - 410 meters
  • High II: 6,000 lumens (21,510cd) - 2 hrs - 295 meters
  • High I: 3,000 lumens (9,830cd) - 2 hrs 50 min - 200 meters
  • Medium: 1,000 lumens (3,142cd) - 7 hrs 15 min - 115 meters
  • Low: 350 lumens (915cd) - 22 hrs 44 min - 65 meters
  • Strobe: 3,000 lumens
  • SOS: 350 lumens
Note: When max outputs of spot and floodlight are simultaneously selected, the brightness and beam distance reach 12,000 lumens and 773 meters

Time Limited Output Down-shift

With the light switched on, if Turbo on Floodlight mode is being selected for over 2 minutes or High II Mode for over 5 minutes, the light will:
  • If High on spotlight mode is selected, the light will down-shift to 1000 lumens.
  • If High on spotlight mode is not selected, then the light will down-shift to 1500 lumens.
  • Note: the above mentioned function is specially designed for avoiding discomfort and danger caused by light overheating.


  • Length: 6.06" (154mm)
  • Head Diameter: 3.15" (80mm)
  • Body Diameter: 2.01" (51mm)
  • Weight: 17.6oz. (500g) without battery
Lumens: 12000 1000 350 150 50
Runtime (Hours): 0.75 7 22.5 44.5 92.2
Output Modes: Dual Flood / Spot, Variable Brightness, SOS, Strobe
Compatible Batteries: 4 x 18650, Battery Pack
Batteries Included: Yes
Included Accessories: Batteries, Holster, Lanyard, Spare O-ring(s), USB Cable, User Manual
Flashlight Usage: Search
Throw Distance (Max): 773m
Switch Location: Dual Body Switch
Product Certifications: IP68
Brand: Fenix
Warranty: 30-Day Warranty
Primary Material: Aluminum
Product Weight: 17.6oz
Product Dimensions: 6.06" (L) x 3.15" (Head Diameter)2.01" (Body Diameter)
UPC: 6942870306674
Country of Origin: CN

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