Fin Cressi Full Foot Pro Star BLACK 39/40 BG185039 - Pro Blade Stronger & Lighter -
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Fin Cressi Full Foot Pro Star BLACK 39/40 BG185039 - Pro Blade Stronger & Lighter

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Rp.1,100,000 (Hemat Rp.1,120,000)
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The Pro Star is a sleek design that, like the Frog, Space Frog and Pro Light positions the blade on top of the foot pocket for optimum performance. The foot pocket is made of a very soft elastomer material that comfortably wraps around your foot, eliminating any foot cramping that occurs in many fins. The blade is made of high-performance polypropylene material. 

Designed to be used for Scuba as well as snorkeling, the Pro Star is the perfect choice for the recreational diver. This is a futuristic design, deriving from the Cressi deep sea skin-diving models, which introduces the use of more reactive materials. The blade is made of exceptionally light and reactive. The blade material is combined with a comfortable thermo-rubber (elastomer) for the foot pocket, side rails and for various inserts. The blade originates from the upper part of the foot pocket, with a 20% increase in useful surface area compared to a traditional fin of the same length. The side rails extend along the blade, continuing in a protective seal around the whole blade edge. Two stabilizing flaps on the end of the blade and on the sole of the foot, guarantee excellent stability of the fin during kicking. 

The excellent, highly anatomic, computer designed foot pocket, provides optimum transmission of leg fin thrust. The resulting combination of materials is a formidable product that makes kicking easier and powerful at the same time. Pro Star model is one of the most powerful full foot fins in the Cressi range and is an excellent choice for snorkeling, skin diving and Scuba divers. Fin is available in multiple sizes and colors. Fin measure from (L x W) 23.64" to 27" x 7.9" to 8.67" (60 cm to 68.5 cm x 20 cm x 22 cm) and weigh from 40.57 oz. to 55.73 oz. (1,150 g to 1,580 g). 

Cressi Pro Star Full Foot Fins Features

  • Cressi Pro Star Full Foot Fins:
  • Lightweight, Reactive and Fluid Fining Blade
  • Sleek Designed Fin
  • Blade on Top of Foot Pocket for Optimum Performance
  • 20% Increase of Blade Surface Area
  • Strong High-Performance Polypropylene Blade Material
  • Soft Comfortable Computer Designed Elastomer Foot Pocket
  • Foot Pocket Comfortably Wraps Around Foot, Eliminating Foot Cramping
  • Thermo-Rubber (elastomer) Side Rails and Various Inserts
  • Side Rails Provide Protective Seal for Blade Edges
  • Two Stabilizing Flaps on End-of--Blade and Sole of Foot for Excellent Stability while Kicking
  • Highly Anatomic Foot Pocket, Optimum Transmission of Leg-Fin Thrust
  • Fin Makes Kicking Easier and Powerful
  • Great for Snorkeling and Scuba
  • Available in Multiple Sizes and Colors
  • Dimensions: (L x W) 23.64" to 27" x 7.9" to 8.67" (60 cm to 68.5 cm x 20 x 22 cm)
  • Weight: from 40.57 oz. to 55.73 oz. (1,150 g to 1,580 g)

Technical features

Size Length Width Heigth Length blade Weigth single fin
37/38-4/5 61 cm 20 cm 8 cm 35.5 cm 560 g
39/40-5.5/6.5 65.5 cm 21 cm 8.5 cm 36.5 cm 610 g
41/42-7/8 65.5 cm 21 cm 8.5 cm 37.5 cm 645 g
43/44-8.5/9.5 67 cm 22 cm 9 cm 38.5 cm 705 g
45/46-10/11 69 cm 22 cm 9 cm 39 cm 770 g

Pedoman ukuran fin vs ukuran telapak kaki:
Ukuran 37-38 -- Panjang telapak kaki 24cm
Ukuran 39-40 -- Panjang telapak kaki 25cm
Ukuran 41-42 -- Panjang telapak kaki 27cm
Ukuran 43-44 -- Panjang telapak kaki 28cm



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