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Hood Cressi Duralite + Glove Cressi High Strech 2.5mm - GONG XI KANG TAU 2019!

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Harga Retail:
Rp.399,000 (Hemat Rp.491,000)
Ukuran Hood Cressi Duralite:
Ukuran Glove Cressi High Strech:
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Glove Cressi High Strech 2.5mm

Duralite will stretch 150% more than standard neoprene.

U/V protection - Protects you from sun rays
Can be worn by itself in warm water or under another hood for added warmth
Features a generous bib that provides full coverage in warm water
Looking for extra warmth in Indonesia? A hood might be your solution. Feel safe and 'snuggy' using our latest Super-Flex Hood.
Cressi hood has been sold and proven by both end-user, agencies as well as dive resorts/rentals.

- 100% Duralite (Super-Stretch) stretches up to 150% more than standard neoprene. Better fit and mobility, due to its super stretch capabilities.
- 2.5mm hood with 3mm "skin-in" face seal
- One-way flow vent to minimize air trapping
- Bib prevents cold water entry

Seams are taped for reduced water entry and increased warmth and durability
Golden micro fleece lined interior for faster drying and superior warmth
Aquasilk exterior fabric provides rugged durability with ultra soft feel

Lindungi bagian kepala anda dengan Hood setebal 2.5mm. Cocok untuk air yang agak dingin.
Duralite material sehingga hood bisa melar hingga 150% dibandingkan neoprene biasa.

Tips dalam memilih hood:
- Jangan terlalu khawatir dalam memilih ukuran hood. Untuk hood tidak seperti wetsuit yang harus pas dan ada beberapa ukuran yang apabila tidak cocok maka tidak nyaman digunakan. Orang dengan kepala kecil apabila gunakan hood besar tidak akan kedodoran sekali. Namun memang apabila bisa, anda mencari ukuran yang pas. Apabila anda tak yakin dengan ukuran kepala anda, dan apabila menurut anda ukuran kepala anda sesuai dengan orang normal, pilih ukuran M. Apabila kepala anda lebih kecil dari kebanyakan orang, ukuran S dijamin akan nyaman untuk anda. Dan apabila anda memiliki tipe kepala dan leher lebih besar, maka ukuran L adalah ukuran anda.

Cressi High Stretch 5-Finger Gloves are made from Single-Lined Soft, High-Stretch Nylon l Neoprene.

The Inside of the Glove is covered in Metallite which make them easy to put on. The Anatomical Preformed Shape favors the Natural Position of the Hand, with Semi-Bent Fingers.

The entire Outside-Surface of the Glove is covered with a Non-Slip Finish for a Sure-Grip in all Conditions or Situations. 

They come in 2.5 mm thicknesses.

For varying Water Temperature and Diver Application Requirements, these Gloves give an Extraordinarily Sensitive Touch together with Good-Protection from the Cold. The Gloves Seams are Glued-and-Sewn for Strength and Durability. Gloves are Black Patterned in color.

Cressi High 2.5mm Stretch Glove Features

  • 5-Finger Gloves Design
  • Single-Lined Soft, High-Stretch Nylon l Neoprene
  • Lining: Metallite for Easy Donning
  • Anatomical Preformed Shape Favors Natural Position of Hand, with Semi-Bent Fingers
  • Outside-Surface: Non-Slip Finish for Sure-Grip in All-Conditions
  • Extraordinarily Sensitive Touch
  • Good-Protection from Cold
  • Seams: Glued-and-Sewn for Strength and Durability
  • Color: Black Patterned


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