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Komba OXY-SPA TRAVEL Oxygen Concentrator + IONIZER - Pure Oxygen up to 90% (@1L/MIN)

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Komba OXY-SPA provides oxygen concentrator solutions for both portable and stationary use.

OXY-SPA is a single-solution portable oxygen concentrator. Our portable unit is small, lightweight, quiet, energy-efficient, and very easy to use at home or traveling.
This next-generation product family has changed oxygen therapy greatly.

Many patients needed multiple devices for different uses, the Oxy-Spa offers an all-in-one solution that has helped countless oxygen therapy patients reclaim their independence, freedom, and quality of life.

For stationary oxygen therapy, the Oxy-Spa Travel is one of the lightest, quietest, and most energy-efficient 5 liter per minute continuous flow home oxygen concentrators on the market today.
It delivers the familiarity of continuous flow oxygen in an unparalleled small, compact, and lightweight design.

Consuming no more than 90 watt, our travel unit can be called the most portable in the market while still maintaining 5 liter/min requirement.

Whisper quite operation of ≤40db (depending on the last maintainance) has made our travel machine is one of its kind. The unit can easily be put at side of sleeping/resting patient without significant disturbance of sound.

IONIZER+ will ensure you to get the freshest air possible by removing negative ion from inlet air. Our system consist of electrically charged rod which will force pollutants to stick on walls or other surface in the same room.

Flow Rate 0-5 Liter/Min
Oxygen Purity ≥90% ± 3% (@1 LITER/MIN)
Working Voltage (Region Dependent) 220-240V 50HZ
Sound Level ≤40db
Power Consumption ≤90W
Output Pressure 40-60Kpa
Weight 5kg
Dimensions LENGTH 245mm x WIDTH 181mm x HEIGHT 365mm

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