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Olight Omni-Dok Universal 2-bay Rechargeable Battery Charger for Li-ion or NiMH Batteries

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The Omni-Dok is an intelligent, two-bay charging system designed to safely charge the most common rechargeable batteries used in flashlights, cameras, toys, remotes, small appliances, and more. Because each bay charges through
an independent system, the Omni-Dok can charge two completely difference types of batteries at once by automatically identifying the type of battery and charging mode required. Power status indicator bars will also monitor the individual
charging level of both batteries so you know exactly when each has reached a full charge. An automatic shut-off at eight hours conserves energy consumption without having to unplug the unit.
Safety is our priority and this station offers multiple built-in features for your protection. Overcharge protection stops a bay from charging once that cell is fully charged. Power indicators will blink and charging will not begin if attempting to
charge unsupported batteries, if cells are improperly installed (reverse polarity protection), or if there is a short between positive and negative ports.
Because the Omni-Dok eliminates the need for multiple battery charges, having fully charged cells is now more convenient and economical. Whether you need to charge an 18650 for your M22 Warrior or a few AAs for your television
remote, the Omni-Dok will give you the power you want with the protection you need.

1. Charges multiple battery types,including:18650 lithium-ion,RCR123 lithium-ion,AAA Ni-MH,17670 lithium-ion,14500lithium-ion,16340 lithium-ion AA Ni-MH
2. Ability to simultaneously & safely charger different types of batteries
3. Batteries are charged independently with smart charging technology to regulate power accordingly
4. Battery power indicators monitor individual charging status of each battery at 25%,50%,75% and 100%
5. Overcharge protection stops charging when a cell has reached a full charge
6. Three-blink notification of improper installation,unsupported batteries, or a shortage.
7. Automatically powers off after eight hours for energy conservation
8. Rubber feet prevent the charger from sliding
9. Four-hour charge time for 18650s
Power Input:DC 12V 1A,supplied by included AC/DC adapter
AC/DC Adapter
Input:100-240VAC 50-60HZ,
Output:DC 12V 1A

Rechargeable lithium battery with 3.6V or 3.7V of nominal voltage:18650,17670,16340,14500
Rechargeable NiMH batteries;AA AAA
Rechargeable Lithium Battery:
CC&CV:1000MA/4.2V each channel
AA/AAA Size NiMH Battery:
CC&CV:500MA/1.47V each channel

Two independent charing channels that can intelligently indetify the types of inserted batteries. For example you can charge one 18650 battery and one RCR123A lithium battery.If unsupported batteries are installed,all four green power indicators will blink three times per secnd untill they are removed.