Paket Snorkling Cressi Open Heel Frog Plus Deluxe - MARET GILA 2018! -
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Paket Snorkling Cressi Open Heel Frog Plus Deluxe - MARET GILA 2018!

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Rp.2,899,000 (Hemat Rp.1,393,000)
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Salah satu fin classic Cressi. Kelebihan fin ini dibandingkan Frog biasa adalah bahan yang lebih lentur. Untuk mereka yang mengalami masalah kaki agak lelah gunakan fin frog yang tipe classic, silahkan mencoba tipe yang ini karena dijamin puas. Blade lentur seperti prolight ditambah ada coak (spoon) di bagian depan fin untuk menambah ringan-nya fin ketika sedang finning.

Detail Catalog:

A new kind of fin produced with the exclusive, patented, Cressi technology which implies the employment of three different materials. The blade is made of a special, low-flexibility, techno-polymer, which creates an easy, effortless stroke, while ensuring good thrust. It is a fin designed for beginner divers whose muscles are not well-trained, but which nonetheless ensures the propulsive efficiency expected of fins.
Foot pocket sits lower than the blade and the sides are protected. Buckles have accidental-opening safety feature.



Frameless masks had their origins with technical divers, they wanted to be able to carry a spare mask with them while diving but masks with frames were just a little too bulky. The scuba industry has since moved from the technical realm into the everyday sport diving realm. One of the reasons for their popularity is that they take up so little room in luggage and gear bags. This makes them great for travel including the Cressi F1 Mask.

The Cressi F1 Mask is as simplistic in design as the name that it was given. This mask uses high quality black or white silicone in it's construction. The mask skirt is bonded directly to the single pane tempered glass lens. The buckle adjustment assembly is incorporated right into the mask skirt itself which adds to it's sealing capability. The buckle itself utilizes a single push button adjustment. The mask strap is replaceable and also uses high quality black or white silicone. The split style of the strap allows for a more personalized fit by providing equal tension for both the upper and lower portion of the faceplate. Having no frame makes the internal air space very low volume without sacrifice to your underwater field of vision.



Snorkel Super-Dry Cressi
Di backup oleh Cressi yang telah menciptakan snorkel berkualitas sejak tahun 1946.

The special, buoyant, closing system at the top prevents water from entering to a great extent. The underside has a purge for easy draining. Hypoallergenic, silicone mouthpiece and flexible tube.




The CRESSI Isla 5mm Boots are a Durable Nylon II Neoprene Dive Boot with a Built-In Fin Strap Holder, a Ribbed and Durable Rubber Sole for a Comfortable and Sure-Foot Grip on Slippery Surfaces.

To Provide Extra Comfort and Easy Donning and Doffing the Neoprene Rubber used is a Super Elastic Neoprene.

The 5mm Thickness of Boot provides Toughness while Maintaining Warmth.

Boots are equipped with Strong and Durable Zippers and a Toe and Heel Cap for Added Strength in High Wear Areas. All Seams are Glued-and-Sewn and the Boots Top Edge is Elastic Taped and Sewn.


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