Paket Scuba Seac TRIP Package For Her - FREE Dive comp - SUMMER SUPER SALE 2018! -
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Paket Scuba Seac TRIP Package For Her - FREE Dive comp - SUMMER SUPER SALE 2018!

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Rp.10,999,000 (Hemat Rp.11,503,000)
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Ada beberapa kata yang mendeskripsikan paket ini:


Semua komponen di dalam paket ini selain kuat, nyaman, awet, mudah perawatan dan bandel serta tentu saja...murah meriah.
- Semua komponen GARANSI terbuat di Italy dan langsung didatangkan dari Italy.
- Regulator 1st Stage sudah piston dengan Intermidiate Pressure bisa di adjust tanpa harus menggunakan tool tertentu. Meskipun kami tidak menyarankan pelanggan untuk mengatur IP dengan sendiri, fitur ini memudahkan Dive Master (yang sudah sedikit mengerti untuk apa IP itu) untuk melakukan adjustment apabila di kapal mendadak terjadi free flow
NEW Regulator 2nd Stage memiliki model yang sederhana sehingga mudah dalam perawatan.



1. BCD SEAC TRIPDiving/Made_in_Italy2.gif

The Seac Trip BCD is a tough jacket style BC with a new integrated weight release system. The Trip is made for travel and will wrap up neatly and comes with a strap to hold it all together when packed away.
Integrated Weight
Weight pockets on either side of your waist improve comfort and position in the water by taking the weights off your belt and into your BCD. Each pocket is separated into two parts to organise your lead where you want in your pockets. Each pocket has two oppenings; one at the top to put the weights in and one at the bottom as a quick release if needed.
Both openings are velcro-closed and have a pinch clip to hold them closed when in use. To ditch weights is safe and easy; simply open the pinch clip and pull on the silver handle.


2. Regulator CRESSI AC2 XS compact Diving/Made_in_Italy2.gif

XS Compact/AC2
This regulator is made up of the new 2nd stage XS Compact, combined with the MC9 diaphragm first stage.
Its strengths lie in its extreme lightness,excellent performance, very easy maintenance and affordable purchase price.

  • Self-lubricating jacketed cylinder
  • Removable stainless steel nozzle Anti-pressure drop pneumatic spring
  • Sintered cup fi lter
  • 4 low pressure outlets
  • 2 high pressure outlets

2nd stage XS COMPACT: body in techno-polymer, with dive-pre dive adjustment.

This diaphragm hyper-balanced 1st stage
- Self-lubricating jacketed cylinder (
- Removable stainless steel nozzle
- Anti-pressure drop pneumatic spring
- Sintered cup fi lter
- 4 low pressure outlets
- 2 high pressure outlets

2nd stage XS COMPACT: body in techno-polymer, with dive-pre dive adjustment.

3. Octopus SEAC DX100

X-5 Octo and Octo Synchro: Seac offers solutions for a reliable and durable emergency second stage that allows natural effortless breathing. Even if the specs differ. the common denominator is always maximum functionality.

Octo Synchro material: ultralight technopolymers

The last thing you want when you reach for a diving octopus is a new challenge. That’s why the Seac X100 Scuba Octo is built with the same internals and settings as the DX100 regulator. With a low friction lever, inhalation comes more evenly and with lower effort, making that first breath quick and easy. The bright yellow housing is easy to spot in an emergency, while the abrasion resistant technopolymer construction improves durability.

SEAC X100 Scuba Octo Features:

  • Low friction lever design improves flow and effort
  • Ultralight technopolymer construction won’t weigh you down while it’s tucked in your BCD
  • Bright yellow cover is highly visible so it’s easy to find in an emergency
  • Included Hi-Flex hose is extremely pliable to reduce tension on mouthpiece


In the year of its fortieth anniversary, the SEAC has decided to invest even more heavily determined by focusing on a development project which started operating from the establishment of a new department equipped with modern state of the art equipment that will help the assembly phase, the calibration and testing.

The highlight will be the provision of even two cars ANSTI of which the recently updated to the latest current standards CE EN 250, can perform dynamic tests in both dry and water.

Seac: reliability and performance, simplicity and robustness and beyond.

TOP PERFORMER : Renewal in the structure of the case of the second stage and the shape of the exhaust tee, with exit holes increased in order to optimize the reflux of air and maximize performance. 
DIVE / PRE-DIVE DIVE / PRE-DIVE : lever positioned on the second stage with double phase Dive / Pre-Dive allows you to manage optimally the? Venturi effect.
LEVER-SHAPED ASYMMETRIC LEVER : leverage the 2nd stage asymmetric design allows for maximum opening of the exhaust valve and improves performance in depth.
PURGE PURGE : membrane on the second stage where the oval shape, which is designed and constructed to allow a greater surface that facilitates the exhalation phase ensuring a breathing naturally. 
SECURITY SYSTEM LOCK MEMBRANE SECURITY SYSTEM MEMBRANE BLOCK : security system that guarantees, even in the absence of the shell, the smooth functioning and stability during all phases of work.
SHELL OWS (OPTIMIZE WATER STRAINER) SHELL OWS (OPTIMIZE WATER STRAINER) : frontal with optimized water under the most severe fluid dynamics analyzes to prevent free flow without reducing the necessary exchange of water, guaranteeing the best performance.


4. AMSCUD CONSOLE 1 Diving/Made_in_Italy2.gif

All AmScuD instruments give a very accurate, clear visibility readings and are made from the best quality materials. 

As such, we stand behind our products to give the utmost user experience.

Learning from our over 18 years in the industry, we have sucesfully established both design and materials that is a balanced of functionality, excellent robustness while maintaining a certain cosmetic estathic.

Did we tell you that our gauges are 100% Made in Italy? And it is backed by a full 1-year warranty.

The AmScuD submersible pressure gauge, with an internal Bourdon pressure measuring mechanism, gives you clear information on the gas contents of your cylinder.

The gauge will indicate the cylinder bottle pressure
Dial range is stated in metric standard (BAR) from zero to 400 Bar
Dial face is designed with ultra-clarity in mind by being uncluttered, with large black figures on a luminous background giving a long phosphorescent effect. We also include color-indicator for a better idea of what states you are in.
This makes viewing as easy as possible, even in poor visibility conditions.

  • Our gauge case is made from nickel plated brass
  • The dial window is made of highly shock resistant material (anti-splinter polycarbonate). 400 BAR/5,800 PSI dial gauge for your mission critical applications.
  • Elasto-Polimer housing to ensure reliability while maintaining its function and esthathics.
  • Over-pressure capsule fitted in the back of the module to prevent the screen from exploding in the unlikely event of the internal mechanism failing.
  • Our exclusive Dual-Recoil® system located both in depth and pressure gauge. Unlike other gauges in the market, which gauge will fail in case of internal coil is failing, our gauges are designed to have a backup coil.
  • NITROX compatible with Oxygen Cleaned environment, Viton O-Rings on all parts (swivel + HP port) and Christo-Lube lubricant.
  • 30% longer phosphorecent effect.
  • Color coded indicator with 10-bar increments.
  • Improved swivel umberella design with chanelled o-ring gutter.
  • 7/16" HP port connection.
  • We designed an angle for the gauge so it is easy to view while maintaining its shape for durability (in case of drop/shock).

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