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Speargun Cressi Comanche Pacific 120cm - FE358500

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Harga Retail:
Rp.3,456,000 (Hemat Rp.1,152,000)
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- Shaft/speargun akan terkena volume saat pengiriman. Contoh: Shaft 155cm akan terkena 8kg dengan packing standard.

- Packing standard kami menggunakan kardus dan diberikan padding. Ada beberapa kasus dimana protection ini belum cukup dan menyebabkan shaft bengkok ketika sampai. Kami dengan menyesal harus mengatakan bahwa ini bukan tanggung jawab kami. Di AlatSelam.Com, kami selalu berusaha untuk memberikan perlindungan kepada barang2 yang dikirimkan termasuk shaft/spear gun. Namun, karena pengiriman ini melibatkan banyak pihak, kami tidak dapat menjamin sebuah shaft datang tanpa bengkok/cacat.

- Apabila anda menginginkan agar barang anda di pack super kuat, kami menyarankan agar dikirimkan mengunakan pipa pralon atau opsi lain menggunakan packing kayu. Opsi packing kayu jelas akan menaikkan biaya kirim paket secara keseluruhan termasuk biaya packing kayu sendiri.

Product Description
The Cressi Comanche Pacific Speargun is a great all rounder spearfishing gun that is top quality at an affordable price. It comes standard with 7 mm shaft and a circular 18 mm rubber power band with lined wishbone which gives you plenty of power, roughly the equivalent to twin 16 mm rubbers. The traditional Cressi Comanche Speargun handle is paired with a modern head to support a dual circular sling.

The Cressi Comanche Pacific is available in five lengths — 75, 90, 100, 110 and 120 cm — to suit all styles and needs of every diver.

The open muzzle allows for a quick and easy loading of the spear and minimises noise when in the water. Closed muzzles can tend to have a bit of a rattle and can in fact spook fish sometimes, the open muzzle does not do this.

Sitting on top of the barrel is a shaft guide which helps guide the shaft out in a straight line to give better accuracy. However a spear gun is only as accurate as the user! The 7mm finned shaft is strong and reliable and can handle the bigger fish.

The Cressi Comanche Pacific Speargun comes with a loading butt which can definitely help stop the gun from slipping out when loading in on your thigh or chest.

The Cressi Comanche Speargun is the 2004 world champion spear gun, and is the result of continuous fine-tuning and the search for perfection. The Cressi Comanche Pacific Speargun is an updated and enhanced design.

Cressi Comanche Pacific Speargun Features:

  • Quick loading open muzzle
  • Circular band S45, diameter 18 mm, with lined wishbone
  • Rigged barrel with shaft guide, 28 mm diameter
  • Shaft with fins, 7 mm diameter
  • Special handle angle to increase the shot's precision
  • Special, anti-corrosion aluminium tubes eliminate any bending of the barrel, even on the long models.

Extremely modern, new generation thermoplastics guarantee very light and non-deformable point and handgrip, for incredible firing precision.

The highly compact, hydrodynamic point makes it possible to lower the positioning of the bands, in order to optimise the forward thrust and guarantee perfect visibility and rapid and precise aiming at the same time.

Very gentle shaft release system, ring for the line, sternal support for reloading, dovetail triggering for the reel, the possibility of choosing from a number of different model bands, are just some of its fantastic features.

The standard bands are black, highly reactive and quick, with a diameter of 16 mm and articulated wishbone. They can be substituted with the more powerful 18 mm diameter, S45 bands, or, particularly in the longer models, with the 20 mm diameter, G20 bands.

The Cressi Comanche Pacific Spearguns come in the following lengths:
75 cm (FE358100)
90 cm (FE358200)
100 cm (FE358300)
110 cm (FE358400)
120 cm (FE358500) - special order

The shafts are available in 6 mm stainless steel, 6.5 mm stainless steel, 6.5 mm burnished (only for Comanche 75 and 90), 7 mm threaded (for Comanche 75, 90, 100).

Speargun Extras:
When purchasing a speargun, there are a few extras that we recommend you purchase to complete you kit. A float rope and divers float are the two main extras. The rope is connected to the gun at handle and the other end of the rope is to be connected to the float. This will ensure you will not loose your gun by accidental dropping it, or having a fish steal it! (It does happen.) A pair of gloves is another item that we recommend you purchase also. Once you have shot your fish, trying to grab it and finish the kill can be very difficult without gloves. Fish are not only slippery but also have made spikes and teeth. Gloves will prevent cuts and scratches as well as help your grip.

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